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One of the most common Container Removal Questions that we get asked is "What Size Container do I need"?.

Generally we find that our 20ft container is sufficient to hold the contents of a 3 bedroom household.

To calculate the approximate cubic volume of your homes contents  please click here for a size estimation calculator Moving calculator on-line household furniture removals

You can also  download a shipping container specification sheet here that will give you all the information regarding external and internal dimensions of our containers, including cubic volume on 20ft, 20ft HC, 40ft & 40ft HC containers.


Here are some photos of a 20ft container, all containers provided have lockable doors (you will need to supply a sturdy padlock).

All of our container have tie rails either all the way around the container (as shown below), or tie down down loop points approx every 1metre on the roof and also on the floor.


door open     

Yes, we can offer short term storage.

As we are predominantly a removalist company, we only provide short term storage. We allow 30 days hire of our shipping container during your move. If you require to hire our container after this period, storage and hire fees of the container will apply (Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions documentation provided with your quote).

We allow a maximum of 30 days storage in our depots. Your quote includes 30 days container hire, after this you may wish to hire it for an additional 30 days (60 days in total) please see your quotation for charges applicable.

We can offer Short Term Container Storage in All States Australia Wide.

Please see below where our Serviced Depots are located

Self Pack Removals Interstate Container Storage



*Please note that we can allow up to 60 days hire of our containers and up to 60 days storage in our facilities, or as pre-arranged with our customers. 




Contact us to request a quote today, we will happily go through all the details in full with you. 

Yes, we can transport your own shipping container!

When our customer said their shipping container was pink, they weren't kidding!! I wonder what the locals in Kalgoorlie will make of this?? Did you know that you can use your own shipping container for your Self Pack Interstate move? (Subject to rail compliance) We don't mind what colour it is!! Containers can be bought and sold through container trading businesses and also personally via sites such as eBay and Gumtree.

Shipping Containers make excellent storage or garden sheds.

Shipping containers are wind and water tight so are traded nationally for commercial and residential use. When booking to transport your own shipping container, we will require your container identification # and a copy of the containers current compliance plate/certificate. Ask us for a quote to move your own 20ft or 40ft shipping container Interstate today. Please note that we specialise in transporting containers Interstate. We can also transport your container within Queensland between our major rail network areas, being Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Brisbane. We can also transport your own container long distances between the same state.

Please ask us for a quote today

Our booking services are offered in accordance with our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions (copy available on request).
As per T&C, transit insurance is not included. We are not common carriers & operate under limited liability. Should you wish
to insure your consignment, we strongly recommend that you engage adequate independent insurance cover.

Yes you are required to complete WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND TASMANIA Quarantine Forms.

If you are moving a container into Western Australia or Tasmania you will be required by WA and TAS Quarantine .to declare goods in your container before arrival.

We will email you the WA or TAS Quarantine forms required.

These quarantine forms must be signed and returned to our office prior to the departure of your container in another state.


Some Items that need to be declared include:

Fruits and Vegetables Plants / Flowers
Seeds Honey Fresh Nuts
Soil / Landscaping Products
Any type of Motor vehicle
Garden Tools and Machinery

If you have any of the goods above in your container, WA and TAS Quarantine will most likely arrange and conduct an inspection of your container and charges will apply.

*Please refer to this WA Quarantine link for other Frequently Asked Questions about moving goods into WA

Shipping containers provide excellent security for your goods. They are robust and can be secured with up to 4 four locking devices. A good sturdy padlock is the most common way to secure the doors and we would recommend that you use at least one for peace of mind. When packing the container make sure that you secure down your goods with strong ropes at regular intervals. There are tie down points on the roof and floor to attach the rope to securely (unless specified). Make sure that you use thick boxes, padding and blankets to wrap your goods, as there will be some movement in transit and this will minimise rubbing to your goods.

Make sure you pack your goods weight evenly, so one side is not much heavier than the other, or back/front.

Delivery methods usually depend on access to your address. The two most common shipping container transportation methods are tilt tray trucks for 20ft containers and side loading trucks for 40ft containers. Below is a photo of a 40ft container being delivered via Tilt Tray Truck- our most common container and truck used for 20ft containers.

We then transit your container to our nearest rail point, where your container travels via rail Interstate to your closest rail point at your new destination.

Our driver then collects your container and delivers out to you via Truck. Once you have completed unpacking, we then come and take the empty container away and return it to our local depot or if your own provided container, we simply deliver it to your destination.

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The Efficiency of Transporting Goods from West to East Australia

In an increasingly globalised world, companies of all sizes need to be able to transport goods safely, efficiently and affordably. Of course, this is often easier said than done, particularly here in Australia. Spanning more than 7.5 million square kilometres, the sheer size of our country poses interesting logistical challenges for all commercial movers wishing to transport goods from one side of the nation to the other.

Professional Sea Container Transportation

Enlisting the services of a professional company can help streamline the transporting process and help you get your goods from A to B in a timely and affordable fashion. What’s more, you might be surprised to learn that transporting a sea container from Perth Western Australia to Melbourne is significantly cheaper than sending it from Melbourne to Western Australia. This allows you to capitalise on opportunities when they arise while keeping shipping costs low.

What’s responsible for the west to east transport cost discrepancy? Why are sea containers becoming increasingly popular outside the logistics industry? And how much cheaper is it to send a container from Perth to Melbourne than vice versa? As one of the leading providers of sea container transport in Australia, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to answer these questions and more.

How Sea Containers Revolutionised the Logistics World

Sea containers play an integral role in the freight and logistics sector. They are incredibly efficient, thanks to their standardised size, and ability to be loaded, stacked and transported on multiple types of transport without being opened or unloaded. Containerisation has been around in form or another for hundreds of years, but really only grew to prominence in the years following World War II when international trading exploded in popularity. Advances in technology allowed cranes, forklifts and other specialist machinery to mechanise most of the shipping processes, eliminating the need for manual sorting and handling.

Alternative Uses for Sea Containers

It’s worth noting that while containers are primarily used in freight, they do have applications that extend far beyond the logistics sector. In recent years, there’s been a surge in the number of companies and individuals using sea containers for all sorts of creative purposes, including low cost housing, portable toilet blocks, retail building, secure storage and a whole lot more.

It’s easy to see why. Not only are sea containers relatively affordable when compared to other structures of a similar size and durability, they’re also incredibly hard wearing and are built to stand the test of time. In addition, the unique and distinctive visual aesthetic of sea containers enables builders and designers to easily inject some chic industrial style into their projects. Finally, sea containers are supremely portable, which makes them excellent options for companies that want a temporary office or retail building without the expenses involved in constructing a permanent solution.

Transporting Sea Containers Across Australia

You probably know that the price of transport services can vary significantly depending on the route, weight of the cargo and a few other factors, but what you may not be aware of is that the direction of the shipment can also have a big impact on transportation costs.

For example, the cost of sending a sea container from Perth to Melbourne is substantially cheaper than sending that same sea container from Melbourne to Perth.

It’s the same route, so why the difference in price? There are a couple of factors at play here. Firstly, there’s a lot more demand for transportation services in Melbourne as the companies there tend to transport more goods than other states in Australia. A higher level of demand means a scarcity of supply, which in turn drives prices up. There’s also a one way fee that rail transport service providers charge if the number of containers that are sent out of Perth is not the same as the number of containers that return. This imbalance fee is factored into the cost.

Looking beyond the Perth to Melbourne route, you can also get a great deal on transporting goods from Perth to the far north regions of Queensland. You might be surprised to learn that there’s a reliable rail network spanning that entire distance, which means that rail relocation is often a much more cost effective option than transporting goods via truck given that there’s so much ground to cover.

Who Can Use Sea Containers?

As a method of transportation, sea containers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Just about anyone who needs to move a lot of goods over a large distance will benefit from using sea containers. Some people use them for residential house moves as they allow you to relocate a large volume of goods safely, securely and at a very competitive price compared to trucks and air transport.

In the commercial sector, business operating in a range of industries regularly make use of sea containers. For example, companies that are fitting out a new retail or service shop will often use sea containers as a cost effective way of transporting heavy and expensive equipment to location. In addition, many event organisers rely on sea containers to transport their gear across state lines while working to tight schedules. A wide assortment of businesses also use sea containers to relocate very big items or transport a large quantity of goods.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while we can provide you with a sea container, you can also have your own container transported if you have one. A lot of businesses may already have their own containers that they need to transport for any number of reasons. The good news is that for you people, you don’t need to hire or buy a new container each time from the company.

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