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Let Us Take Care Of Transporting Your Own Shipping Container Nationally – Door to Door

At Australian Container Logistics we can arrange transporting your own shipping container, both 20ft and 40ft Nation Wide.

If you have a 20ft container to transport interstate we can arrange to collect it via Tilt Tray Truck or Side Loading Truck. We then transport it to the nearest rail point where it will travel Interstate. Once it arrives Interstate we then collect it from the rail and transport directly to your destination again via Tilt Tray Truck or Side Loading Truck.

Our Side Loading Truck would collect and transport your 40ft container again to our nearest rail point where it would go interstate and then we would deliver out to your destination location again via Side Loading Truck. Note that we need sufficient access for the side loading truck to collect and deliver the container. The side loading truck collects and places the container on the ground from the right hand side of the truck (drivers side) parallel to the truck.

Transporting Your Own Shipping Container Information:

Shipping container requirements for transport by rail:

  • We will need the Shipping Containers Serial #
  • The container will need to be in good condition to travel via rail, so must have a current compliance certificate or plate
  • If you would like to purchase a container, please contact us for a recommended and certified seller near you
  • If you own a container and need it to be re-inspected for travel on the rail, see here for a list of qualified container inspectors Australia Wide 

Here is an example of a Shipping Container, also a CSC plate, this shows the container identification # , year the container was built and when it is next due for inspection for a new compliance certification. This plate is found on the doors of the container. Shipping Container CSC Certificate Example

3 Easy Quick Steps

  1. Once you have completed loading the container, we will collect the container via Tilt Tray Truck or Side Loading Truck
  2. Your container will travel via rail Interstate and we will deliver to your provided new address.
  3. Please make sure there is sufficient room for our truck to deliver your container via Tilt Tray Truck or Side Loading Truck


Container Storage

If your container cannot be delivered directly to your new address, the container can be delivered into a local depot for short term storage. Click here for a list of our Depots Nationally. See your quote for costs on short term storage

Australian Container Logistics has moved thousands of Shipping Containers Nationally. We can provide a hire container to our commercial customers, or can arrange transport your own provided shipping container Interstate. Contact our Expert Staff in Global shipping container supply today click Domestic Quote