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Shipping Container Mansions? Yes Please!

Just because homes are built with shipping containers does not relegate them to being just tiny homes. Our designs maximize not only the space in the containers but the spaces between them as well. This method improves every aspect of the final product and shortens the distance to the finish line. We can have you in your home in considerably less time than a traditional home at a fraction of the cost. Because these are all custom designs, it is difficult to give a price. Just know that they will be about 25-30% less than a home made with traditional construction. 

Are you looking for a unique and efficient way to live? You’re in the right place.  Tiny container homes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional styles of housing. They offer the freedom and comfort of a home without taking up too much space or expense. With our custom designs and build options, we can make your dreams come alive.

Don’t have enough room on your lot or property? We can even customize your tiny container home to fit any location. Let us help you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of now!


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